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Air Quality: CAMS Forecast

This API retrieves data from CAMS.
The services offered by CAMS have been carefully studied, to decide the most suitable way to integrate the plethora of variables (3-days hourly forecast datasets) provided daily, and combine those datasets with the in situ data.
• Spatial resolution: 0.1° - around 10km for the European region
• Time resolution: 1h
• Forecast horizon: 3 days
• Type of level: Surface
• Species: PM2.5, PM10, O3, CO, SO2, NO2
• Domain: Europe
CAMS forecast is based on seven state-of-the-art numerical air quality models developed in Europe from all seven models. They are combined via an ensemble approach consisting in calculating the median value of the individual outputs. Usually, better estimates of air pollutant concentrations are generated by CAMS regional Ensemble.

The Ensemble forecast is the median of the forecasts from 7 different state-of-the-art atmospheric modelling systems from institutions across Europe, which all use the same emissions data, the same weather forecast data and the same boundary conditions (from the CAMS Global forecast system) and combine these with Earth observation data to provide air quality forecasts.
Currently partner models involved in Ensemble production are:
• CHIMERE from INERIS - A multi-scale chemistry-transport model for atmospheric composition analysis and forecast provided by the Institut national de l'environnement industriel et des risques (France)
• EMEP from MET Norway - The co-operative programme for monitoring and evaluation of the long-range transmission of air pollutants in Europe (European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme) provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.
• EURAD-IM from University of Cologne – The EURopean Air pollution Dispersion-Inverse Model provided by the University of Cologne
• LOTOS-EUROS from KNMI and TNO – A 3D chemistry transport model aimed to simulate air pollution in the lower troposphere provided by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
• MATCH from SMHI – The Multi-scale Atmospheric Transport and Chemistry a three-dimensional, Eulerian model provided by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
• MOCAGE from METEO-FRANCE – The Modèle de Chimie Atmosphérique de Grande Echelle a Chemistry –Transport Model provided by Meteo-France
• SILAM from FMI – The System for Integrated modeLling of Atmospheric coMposition provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute

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